Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve Hike

On Wednesday, February 25th Katy Peretti and Bonnie Preston led a group of ramblers on a hike to the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve just above the Alum Park.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coyote Hills Regional Park Hike

Nine hikers came on the Coyote Hills Regional Park hike led by geologist Warren Nokleberg. We enjoyed perfect weather and the informative talk provided by Warren, a retired professor and field geologist. We now know why there are hills in a park next to San Francisco Bay, and which parts of Fremont may liquefy when the next big earthquake hits. Unfortunately, Warren declined to predict when that will be. After the hike over rolling hills, the Ramblers toured the visitor's center which has exhibits about the approximately 13000 year history and culture of the Native American Ohlone people and the wildlife of the area. The long hikers circled the marshland inhabited by multiple bird species and visited the butterfly garden.