Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Elkhorn Slough National Research Reserve Hike

Matie Alesi,Vick Alesi,Arlyn Unruh,
Rajni Bakhda,Cookie Hunley,Gita Bakhda,
Dan Kato,Gary Holmquist,Bonnie Preston,
Terry Holmquist,Wate Bakker,Katy Peretti,
Barbara Knight,Faye Swanson,Johanna Bakker,
Pam Thompson,Janet       ,Frank Veloz
Photographer:Susan Brown
Nineteen people went to Elkhorn Slough National Research Reserve with Gary and Terry Holmquist today. Starting from the Visitor Center we hiked north toward the Hummingbird Island passing the old, abandoned barn.  Then we hiked to the North Marsh Overlook before turning back to the Visitor Center, about 3-4 miles. Around the marshes we saw lots of small and big sandpipers, a curlew and some godwits. While at the Hummingbird Island, we saw lots of white Pelicans in the water. On our way to Hummingbird Island ( didn't see any hummingbirds there ) we saw this wall made of sea shells and burnt wood.  We had lunch at Phil's Fish House in Moss Landing which is a very famous and large restaurant. The portions were really big there and some of us had to take  doggy bags home. 

(Roots used by cowboys for coffee) 

Bonnie Preston,Johanna Bakker,
Susan Brown,Wate Bakker

Saturday, August 9, 2014

San Francisco Bay Hike

F:Bonnie Preston,Cookie Hunley,Arlyn Unruh,
Amy Meier,Kamini Patwari,Wate Bakker,
Johanna Bakker
B:Jim Beyer,Dan Kato,Katy Peretti
Viren Patwari
Photographer:Ross Beyer
Wate and Johanna Bakker led a hike along the shore of San Francisco bay from Lands End, through Seacliff to Bakers Beach and back The hike was largely flat, except for a few short flights of stairs and was about 6 miles long. Views were great and fog remained all day long that created a great cool hike as there was no sun to deal with in the open spaces. The Seacliff section of San Francisco revealed many fabulous large homes. Afterwards we ate at the Golden Gate Park Chalet.

Johanna Bakker,Viren Patwari,
Bonnie Preston

Seacliff neighborhood
Amy Meier,Wate Bakker.Katy Peretti
Dan Kato,Katy Peretti,Viren Patwari,
Kamini Patwari,Jim Beyer,Wate Bakker,
Amy Meier,Cookie Hunley,
Arlyn Unruh,Johanna Bakker
Photographer:Ross Beyer