Friday, September 12, 2014

Tour of the Stanford University Campus

Jim Beyer and Susan Brown led a self guided walking tour of the Stanford University campus on Wednesday,September 10th. It included visiting the Hoover tower and museum, the memorial church, Tresidder student union, and the Cantor Art Center. We ate lunch at the Tresidder student
 union food court.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge Hike

Katy Peretti,Susan Brown,Cookie Hunley,
Wendy Ledamun,Debbie Siedband,Charmon Ashby,
Marion Horton,Jim Beyer,Faye Swanson,
Rich Bainbridge,Jackie Jones,Tony Orlando
Richard Bainbridge led a hike on the pedestrian portion of the new section of the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge on Saturday, September 8th. It was a total hike of 8 miles. The trail from the parking lot to the bridge was flat and about 2 miles and from the start of the bridge to the temporary end point another 2 miles with a easy 2% grade. There were a number of benches on the bridge where we stopped to rest before going farther. The day was cool and pleasant with a light breeze. We observed a ship being unloaded by large cranes and several interesting boats and ships within the bay. We ate lunch at a restaurant within  Jack London Square after the hike.
Charmon Ashby,Rich Bainbridge,Debbie Siedband,
Jim Beyer,Tony Orlando,Katy Peretti,
Faye Swanson,Jackie Jones,Cookie Hunley
Jack London 
Bicycles mounted on a pole
in Jack London square