Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wilder Ranch Hike

John Walker,Eve Gebhardt,Faye
Swanson,Marc Siedband,Debbie Siedband,
Susan Brown,Jim Beyer,Nancy
Mosher-Willams,Bonnie Preston,Brad Hinckley
Photographer:John Trudeau
A rambler Hike today was led by John Trudeau to Wilder Ranch on Hwy 1 just north of Santa Cruz which we passed by on our way to Ano Nuevo. The weather was sunny, cool, and delightful with a stiff breeze. We were able to see many sights not available from a car. We were all thankful for our ability to walk in such a fabulous and visually pleasing area. We visited the small cultural preserve area in the park. The trail was mostly level and along the coast side bluffs and coves.

(Notice sign!)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saratoga Gap into Long Ridge Open Space Hike

Kneeling:Akiko Giordono,Amy Meier
Standing:Eve Gebhardt,Jackie Jones,Dot
Armbruster,Sandra Walker,John Walker,
Anka Hoek,Debbie Siedband,Katie Peretti,
Bonnie Preston,Nancy Rumple,
Gisela Pearson,Jim Beyer
Photographer:John Trudeau
Nancy Rumple led the hike Saturday, April 19th to the Saratoga Gap into Long Ridge Open Space. The long hikers hiked  9 miles on moderately hilly trails with a 600 ft. elevation gain from Saratoga Gap at Highway 9 & Skyline into Long Ridge. We saw many wildflowers and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed lunch at the Wallace Stegner Bench. The Ramblers(Bonnie Preston,Katie Peretti,Wate Bakker,Johanna Bakker,Ellen,Anna) hiked  in another area of the park. It was a pleasant day with light breezes and temperatures.