Sunday, August 31, 2014

Edgewood County Park Hike

Gary Holmquist,Dan Kato,Jim Beyer,
Gigi Clarke,Amy Meier,John Walker,
Sandra Walker,Katy Peretti,
Jackie Jones,Debbie Siedband
Photographer:John Trudeau
On Saturday, August 30th twelve members hiked on the many trails at Edgewood County Park in Redwood City. led by John Trudeau. At times there was nice cool marine-layer air coming in over the coastal hills that made for a pleasant day. We walked a total distance of about 6 miles and elevation gain of about 800 feet. There was a mix of shade and sun. We ate lunch afterwards at a local dinner in Redwood City.
Jim Beyer,Sandra Walker,Dan Kato,
John Walker,Jackie Jones,Debbie Siedband,
Amy Meier,Katy Peretti,Gigi Clarke
Photographer:John Trudeau

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Berryessa Flea Market Trip

Susan Brown,Cookie Hunley,Arlyn Unruh,
Faye Swanson,Marion Logie,Caryl Swinyard,
Bonnie Knight,Nancy Mosher-Williams,
Bonnie Preston,Victor Kelaita,Katy Peretti,
Cheryl Allman,Linda Kelaita
Fay Swanson and Bonnie Preston led 16 Ramblers on an unusual summer trip to the Berryessa Flea Market. We enjoyed exploring the various stalls and found many interesting and funny objects. Our treasure hunt for the best buy for $3.00 or less was won by Cheryl Allman who was declared the master shopper for the cloth cow which she had spent $1.00 for. The runner ups were an old antique clock by Susan and a unicorn pinnata by Bonnie. It was also interesting to see the location of the new Bart which is being built near the Flea Market. In addition Susan introduced us to a new Chinese restaurant which we plan to go to again.It was a day of exploring.

Shopping "treasures"